Jiaxing Jinggong Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd, former Jiaxing Powder Metallurgy Factory, is founded in 1950s.With more than 30 years' experience in PM products production, our company is one of the large-scaled PM enterprises in Zhejiang Province.We have also passed ISO9001.

Our company began to produce powder metallurgy products in 1973, mainly including iron based products, stainless steel products. We can produce auto ABS sensor teeth ring with various of specifications, inner and outer rotor for engine oil pump of diesel engine, steel ring for woolen spinning, auto front and back brake hoof, arresting gear, front and back shock absorber parts of motorcycle, and various of metal pieces.

Annual output of inner and outer rotor for engine oil pump can reach 3 million sets, steel ring for woolen spinning can reach 1 million pieces, and soft magnetic material 1,500,000 sets. The specification, output, and quality of our products have gained good reputation in East China. We have complete equipments and testing devices to guarantee excellent quality and strong new products developing ability.

In recent years, our company has developed series of new products following; electromagnetic valve of powder soft magnetic material, ionization heater (for shower heat exchanger), stainless steel P/M fittings for measuring tool, and hard metal series of products.

Our products has competitive price. We can be your good partner in business and welcome to contact or visit us for cooperation.

Vacuum sintering furnace

Mesh belt sintering furnace

Powder Pressing Machine
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